Dream and Hope

A community with a shared vision for better learning worldwide 



Have you hoped for better ways to learn and to guide learning? Pondered how to balance the well-being and academic results of a child?
 Dream & Hope vision:

Achieving the best learning 
without sacrificing one's natural joy, curiosity and innovativeness.


We believe in this as we have already proven it to be possible.



Community on a Journey, hop in!


Dream&Hope community is an international association on a quest to carry out the vision locally, nationally and globally. We call this - the Journey.

Field research and workshops are arranged around the world in order to produce stories and examples of the best practices; learnings, ideas and opportunity maps, and an education transformation toolkit. Along the Journey, we will:

Find out what is the best education in the world, together with the best educators and forerunners.


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Dream & Hope has its roots in Finnish educational environment. Finland is both hot and cold, dark and bright, distant and western, natural and industrial, empty and “crowded”, traditional and modern.

In this complex and controversial world Dream&Hope still rely on the Finnish vision of school from the 70’s:

“School's aim is to raise human beings to find strengths in their own personality, to be responsible and to respect each other's fundamental rights.  Human beings with good self- esteem are eager to learn the necessary knowledge and skills.”


We want to emphasize school - not educational system:

“School is a platform to exchange educational ideas, principles, paradigms, training, research and experiences. Integrating the best existing local and global practices and bring the best learning environment tools and methods together."

We want to bring the learning environments, both real-life and virtual, and ways-of-learning from the stone age to this day. Through redesign!



Focus on the student

Focus on learning

Less fixed to time or place

More fun


Retain curiosity

All children know, what curiosity means, and it is in them by nature.

Curiosity feeds creativity!

Build the trust

Build trust between the student, the teacher and the guardians.

Less testing, reasonable standardization

In Finland, the purpose of testing is to find the pain points early enough in order to help individuals - not to just test in the end how they have coped compared to others.

We have great results, with only one standardized test.

From teaching to learning

We have moved from teaching-centric to learner-centric approach, where student is in focus, and surrounded by multiprofessional group of people. Both teachers and co-learners. 



... and learning happens



FIELD RESEARCH & WORKSHOPS - For finding stories and examples with the best procedures.

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REDESIGN - Putting ideas into practice. 

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DREAMSCHOOL - Dream & Hope's vision has been the driving force behind Dreamschool, a virtual learning environment with learner-centric approach. 

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DREAM - platform - Dream is an integration platfrom which has enabled creation of Dreamschool service.

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