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Bring your own community to be part of Dream & Hope community.

Dream&Hope community is about sharing experiences and the new or redesigned ways-of-working with the rest of the community. This way, one can get valuable insight into how others have solved problems and situations in their work. 

As a member of the community, you will receive Dream & Hope newsletters informing you about latest news and upcoming events. Such event may be a presentation for a public, a field research conducted or a workshop arranged for teachers around the world. We have had those successfully, for example, in Finland and Indonesia. If interested on those, just contact and ask!

Rookie entrant

You may be a rookie in the community, or a longer-term follower with no interest to impact others.

Follow what is happening in the field of modern education!

Local with connections

Stay in touch with the others in the community Dream & Hope community. Connected members contribute by commenting, discussing and maybe even by sharing their own experiences.

Improver of the world

As an improver member in the Dream & Hope community, you share your ways-of-working for other members to take into use. You may have insight into how to develop the methodologies of education and learning, or what kind of tools there should be available in schools. 

Global ambassador

Ambassadors actively spread the word about Dream & Hope around the globe. With various visions, strategies and high hopes of the future of the community and the related instruments, the ambassadors set the direction. 

Allan as a Dream&Hope Ambassador visited Indonesia during summer 2015.

He presented there Dreamschool to local education enthusiasts.

And ended up having a great time sharing and receiving information on learning and teaching practices.

(video by  Lazuardi Haura GIS )


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About Allan Schneitz, co-founder of the Dream&Hope association

Allan has a teacher-background from Kasavuori grade school, Kauniainen, Finland, since 2003. Alongside with his teaching work he has been actively involved in the development of a more student-centric and holistic education and school. He has been the leader of the national Dream School project from its conception in 2008.

Currently there are 30 schools that implement the concept all across Finland.

Allan was awarded the  “Open World Hero”- title for his contributions to and proactive work in Dream School project. He has been a visionary thinker and a forerunner in introducing open source solutions to the public sector. Allan has been an inspiration for people and entities disseminating the use of open ICT.

About Riitta Rekiranta, co-founder and chairman of the Dream&Hope association

Riitta, known as “Mrs Dream School” has worked in educational sector in Kauniainen, Finland since 1980. Since 2000 she has been the principal at Kasavuori grade school. Concurrently she has been driving the vision of Dream&Hope into practice in her school and promoting it to existing and upcoming dreamschools worldwide.

Riitta has been awarded Knight of the Order of the Lion of Finland for her life work for education.